What do Holocaust survivors find most  troubling about the world today?

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If you are–and you’re serious about healing them and stopping the cycle of transmission–

You’re in the right place!

 YOU DON’t Need to experience trauma first-hand to feel its effects


Did you know that scientific research has proven that trauma is passed down from generation to generation through our DNA?

Do you suffer from unexplained anxiety, irrational fears, or paranoia? Do you have illnesses or physical ailments for which doctors can’t find a cause–or a cure?


Have you spent significant amounts of money on traditional therapy and hours in support groups, only to be stuck exactly where you started?

Psychology can help us understand how we feel, but it doesn’t provide the way through. 

Healing and transformation are only possible when you change your perspective from within.


Are you ready to transform and claim your identity? 

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Client Testimonials

Working with Emily allowed me to more fully express my traumatic experiences than other approaches i’ve tried. She gave me space to work through difficult and intimate topics–and she had great insights to help me on my path to healing. I feel like I have a second chance in life.

— C.W.

Client Testimonials

My sessions with Emily brought so many memories to the forefront: Some happy, some ridiculous, and some rather sad. But what was most valuable to me was our commonality of experiences; I’d spent so much time in therapy for food issues throughout my life and none of my psychotherapists understood the root of my problem. Emily ‘got it’ right away–and she was able to help me move forward rather than simply repeat the same patterns over again.

— J.C.

Client Testimonials

After reading Emily’s book, I knew she could help me heal. I needed someone to hold me accountable, encourage me, and help me explore some deeper issues that I couldn’t do alone—and that’s exactly what she did. In the end, I got clarity and acceptance; and I learned how valuable it is to have someone walk beside you and guide you while you do this hard, deeply emotional work.

— G.F.

Client Testimonials

For anyone considering preserving their parents’ memories and their own stories on paper… do it. It’s a gift to them and to future generations.

— A.M.

Client Testimonials

After five weeks of Emily’s program, I realized that I do not want the people who were in my life in a negative way any longer. I started painting my house and changing furniture and other things that these people used a lot; It was a week filled with cleaning and erasing people I would no longer tolerate in my life.

— M. A.


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