REASON FOR EMIGRATING:  Adolf Hitler comes into power.

January 1, 1933, Adolf Hitler is named “German President from Hindenburg to Chancellor of the Republic”.

The German people cheer and celebrate, fireworks, torchlight processions. In short, Germany has awakened! The Messiah seems to have arrived! Meetings are held, the drill of the masses begins. The dumb German people do not yet know the time that has broken upon them: tyranny, barbarism, slavery. It is all so very beautiful…the Leader/Führer, our savior, will do it better and we will follow…

Great voting propaganda settles in, a call to vote, meaning a people’s questionnaire is scheduled for May 3.1933, to give the new Chancellor of the Republic limitless, unbounded personal power. There is only one on the list to vote for: National Socialistic Worker Party, N.S.D.A.P.

Voting is public, transparent, no one dares to hide his voice behind the curtain, or in the cubicle! First attack against the Jews: NO VOTING RIGHTS!

Naturally, a great voting victory for the influence of the national socialistic propaganda, results: over 90% for Hitler!

The battle and boycott against the Jews and the destruction of the Jews was put into place swiftly with all the power of the State and Party government. On April 1, 1933, a general boycott against all Jewish businesses was put into place as a counter-measurement against distribution of wealth and the nationals of foreign Jews of the Third Reich is scheduled and executed.

Fred Wanderer and his sister, Alice

All Jewish businesses, houses, etc. were painted with a big yellow dot, in order to make clear to the German people that here resided a “JUDE.” All Jewish-owned business will be “supervised” by SA people starting at 8 AM sharp on Saturday, January 4, 1933, and will prevent the population from making their purchases in said business.

Sometime in the evening, a motorcade drove through my hometown of Eisenach with dolls that portrayed Jews, and the Jewish race, in a disdainful and disrespectful manner. It went from one Jewish household to another, to drum.

On this day, my father explained quietly that he had just received his deathblow. My father, who had been a timber merchant for over 30 years and had conducted his business in the most honest manner, and was respected by all his children, suffered greatly from this disdain and was hit doubly hard from the spread of such disregard, because on the other side, he was an honest and upright Jew.

But all measurements, such as threats made by the Party and from the Government/State and their newly erected economic organizations against our clients/customers, would not keep them from continuing to do business with us.