Schokoladenfisch (Chocolate Fish)

Omi would make this chocolate delicacy every December and send it to my family, as well as a number of other relatives. A specialty of Silesia, which is the German state from which my family comes, Schokoladenfisch requires a fish-shaped mold to turn the chocolate...

Omi Cookies

My grandmother, Omi, never used a recipe. This is the one for my favorite cookies, which I made her dictate to me when I was nine years old. Mutti found a couple of inaccuracies and updated it in 1980. When I was in college, Mutti would bake these for me and pack them...

Milchreis (Milk Rice)

This recipe is a German “Cream of Wheat.” If you’re sick with a cold, there’s really nothing better. Add some berries or peaches or chocolate and you’ll feel better right away! view the recipe

Birnen und Klöße (Pears and Dumplings)

My favorite dinner as a child, I could smell this cooking in Omi and Opi’s apartment the minute I opened the door to the apartment building. It was the first time I learned how to make a roux to thicken a sauce. I thought it was magic. view the recipe