(This post is a continuation of my father’s letter from Cuba explaining his “reason for emigration,” which he wrote in Cuba in 1938-9. This is part 5 of 10.)

Our requested (or demanded) sum for the properties at Metzstrasse 5 and Rennbahn 6 and 7 was 100,000 Reichsmark. After a few days, we received a written message that, because the price we wanted was too high, there was no further interest. However, there was still a negotiation possibility and, on August 2, 1938, the sales contract was locked in at the price of 70, 000 Reichsmark by the notary Dr. Jurgen K. Sause of Eisenach.

I must add, that during these first negotiations, my mother was traveling in June/July through Italy and Switzerland, and only returned during the later negotiations.

Between June and August, the Eisenach Buro of Finances decided to further test our operational and accounting books for the business. None of the auditors found any reason for complaint. After the completion of the property sale, a lawyer from Nortmann Brokerage asked us to pay a provisional fee of 700.00 Reichsmark. Due to the national socialistic regulations of law, we could not be free of the provisional fee, even though Nortmann Brokerage put forth no effort or work to assist us in the sale of the business. We were able to negotiate a balance of 600.00 Reichsmark instead.

Now, for me, the immense project of ridding myself of the rest of my still-large amount of warehouse supplies began. I disposed of these supplies in tiny amounts (about 60,000 Reichsmark) to each of my clients without going under market-regulated prices. Through colossal effort and the respectable help of my loyal former clients, I successfully emptied the entire warehouse and sold all of its contents by February 11, 1938, and I was able to hand in the final balance to the Eisenach Tax and Revenue Office.

In mid-June, during my mother’s absence, my wife began to comment on the need to do away with our household furniture. In Eisenach, unlike other cities, the possibility still existed for Jews to advertise in local papers. The direct classified advertisements had great success and Ruth reigned supreme in her office of responsibility. She completely took it upon herself  to manage the sales and obtain her goal of specific prices, which left everyone in utter surprise. Not only did she sell diverse things in our apartment, but also the entire inventory of the store, and I was relieved of this burden so that I need not bother with it.