(This post is a continuation of my father’s letter explaining his “reason for emigration,” which he wrote in Cuba in 1938-9. This is part 6 of 10.)

On the occasion of our trip to Berlin, my wife Ruth had made the acquaintance of the shipper/carrier Peyser, who had made a very favorable impression on her. When Mr. Peyser and his family returned from vacationing in Friedrichshöhe, which was in the vicinity of Eisenach, he himself came by car one afternoon to us and discussed with us the lift opportunity to Argentina.

On June 30th, I went to the police to apply for a “Certificate of Origin.” The officer asked me why I needed the certificate; I responded that I needed it for a later date to emigrate. In this moment, it was as if an electrical switch had been tripped, one that went directly to the finance bank and any other departments linked to emigration and gave them the knowledge of our future intent to emigrate. To every inquiry, I responded, “Not yet,” in order to avoid the impoundment of our bank accounts.

In secret, however, we worked steadfastly on our emigration to Argentina. My wife’s brother, Alfred Nosseck, whom I have already mentioned earlier in this letter, had been living in Buenos Aires for about two years already, was putting forth effort from there to bring us to Argentina. Throughout our many inquiries, some through Luftpost (air mail) and others through telegraphs, we received the same answer: “All is in order; it will only take a little while.”

We legally processed all the needed documentation, some from the province of Posen, where my wife was born, and some in Leipzig through the Consulate of Argentina and sent them on to Argentina.

My mother, Ida, had, as she did earlier, premonitions, and had pestered us to register for emigration at the American Consulate in Berlin. Unfortunately, we did not listen to her, and we lost a great deal of time because, in August of 1938, a new Argentinian law was passed concerning emigration to Argentina, completely ending any emigration applications for siblings.